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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Join the Resistance!

So stoked with how this piece came out!

OK, slow down, back up. This poster was a somewhat last-minute "hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we had one more poster for Dragon*con's panel and film release Saturday night?" The answer is: hell yeah!

Of course, the schedule backed up, and here I was a week or so before Dragon*con and still needing to tackle this puppy. Toy work tends to jump the line for illustration in a lot of cases, due to its higher pay and immediate deadlines. (More on this in another post.)

So I knew we wanted to cram in a few "who's who" in steampunk community that had said yes to being in the poster...well, MORE than a few. This poster was a bit of a puppy-pile, and I was worried about my ability to work them all in AND give them the time and attention they needed. How do you do that and make sure people aren't lost in a giant blob of bodies? I figured a limited-tone piece (I am so fond of limited palette pieces, I know, I know) was perfect for this.

Boom, sketch. Took a few hours to pull all needed reference, make a Photoshop composite, do a sketch. Sketch was approved with minor changes. Note the Arches pad behind the sketch - I owe my everything to Arches, love of my life, paper ...of ...my eye? Whatever. Anyway.

On to the painting! Some of my favorite paintings come out of rush sessions - my Cupcake-Smiths piece was a last-minute portfolio filler before a SCBWI show - and I wanted to see this rushed deadline as an opportunity instead of a terror.

22 hours, no sleep, five cups of Earl Grey tea (sweetened and with a giant dose of lemon, my usual order) and two handfuls chocolate chips later, the painting's done. Boom! I ordered a celebratory pizza, consumed a slice and a half, and fell asleep. Ah, the glamourous life of an artist.

I'm thrilled, and the clients were too, I think. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I bow to your brilliance. Stunning, as usual, Amy. Bravo!