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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I really wish I had a more complete and firm grasp on proper grammar and composition, because I lately find myself wanting to write stories ALL THE TIME. I get these little snippets of detail from the world, and, in three seconds, my mind has composed an entire short story or novel / novella outline based on these little pinpricks of glamour.

Just now, I saw a photo of a small church that had been erected in the middle-of-nowhere forests of Russia, near Mongolia. This reminded me of the tiny Trinity Church, similar in appearance and theme, built in Antarctica.

There's just GOT to be a story about that.

Something about Elder Gods, a small organization (or cult?) of Russian priests and monster-hunters, churches as secret outposts or bastions, watching over sealed-but-rumbling gateways... it's there, and I want to write it, then draw it.

Must. Find. Motivation.

Where does your motivation come from? What kicks your arse and makes you write?
I'd love to hear it.


  1. You ask,"What kicks your arse?" I'll tell you. It kicks ass to watch a printer printing 300 pages of manuscript and then hold it in your hand. It is thrilling to read those pages again perfecting each paragraph with red pen precision. The addiction grows when you dare to strike an entire chapter and rebuild it. When you have given every possible ounce of your energy up you look at it and you know you're done. It is finished and you add "The End." You've written the novel and the romance is over and that little spark you felt has vanished. You feel empty, lost and enter depression. You sit quietly alone in a whirlpool of self doubt and bubbling angst wondering if this novel is the best you can do. In your gut you know it isn't and the whole damn process begins again like a cheap romance.
    In other words, you kick your arse by picking up the pen and forsaking all others fully knowing that your muse will leave you in the end.

    1. Oh man, that's glorious. I love hearing it from a writer's perspective. Thank you so much for that blissful, glorious paragraph.