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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steampunk Lemming. Steamrodent. Lemmingpunk.

This is no great commentary on steampunk culture or anything, this just came from a conversation on Faceyspace. Sometimes you draw things. Vodka and large quantities of chocolate may have been involved.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuff and Things and Halloweens

Its been a while. Lots of work going on! This is a quick update with some work, but I'm making an eaaaaaaarly New Year's Resolution to start blogging more regularly and about silly things like cats and books and soup and such. Maybe I'll dress my cat like a book. Or soup. And take photos and post them.
Let's see... what have I done since the last blog post that I can talk about?

Oh! Did an illustration for the cover of Chuck Wendig's new novella series. The first installation of the story made me laugh and cry, literally. It took me back to the rough bits of high school, but made me daydream about being able to be more proactive in response. It was brain candy for 15 year old me, and I'm guessing it might be for you. I'd recommend picking it up, for the crazy low price it is. 

Completed the series of promo posters for Penny Dreadful Productions' Remnant line (go see the whole series of five at the previous link). I'm still working on the process and project post for these posters.
That's a lot of P's.
(Have to find the photos I took in progress. Sometimes I catalog things on my computer in the darndest ways....)

I created a poster for the American Library Association's "Office for Intellectual Freedom" and their new campaign against banning books. The "Defend the Freedom To Read" poster was based on the 1942 Barclay "Uncle Sam" poster, as directed by the client. The reality of how many books are removed without challenge and then made unavailable for the public is kind of scary, and worth reading about here.

Lots of freelance toy design work going on. Can't talk about that stuff, but some of it has been Halloween themed, and that's exciting. It definitely makes things more exciting, even when the items are themselves fairly mundane, to be working on Halloween themed stuff. If I could be paid to paint pumpkiny things all day, that'd be a mighty fine gig indeed.

Speaking of Halloween, I did a piece for the "All Hallows Read" poster contest. All Hallows Read is a request for people to purchase a scary book for kids for Halloween, instead of giving out candy. 
I'm normally opposed to "art contests" due to the fuzzy line between healthy competitive exercises (like Illustration Friday), and that dangerous and detrimental-to-professional-creatives practice of spec work. Spec work promotes free labor and devalues what professional creatives do, and that's not OK.
This particular situation was concepted by Neil Gaiman, though, a writer whose work toward creative rights and freedom of expression should be taken into account. No rights will be surrendered, and the potential for my work to be seen and to generate buzz/potential new work is quite possible. (Note to self: Write a post about my personal experiences with free work or promo work, and how it's worked out for me in very tangible ways.)
Anyway, I decided that this situation would be an exception for me, and that I would enjoy working (for at least a couple of nights) on a painting that I controlled and enjoyed rendering. I rushed it a bit, due to the desire to not spend many-hours on an unpaid job, but... all in all, it was fun.
Drawing Ms. Lupescu, I wish to do that more.

(Click to embiggen ze)

(close-up of the Hound of God, Ms. Lupescu) 

There's more going on, but I've got to get back to it. I'll post again soon when I need the break, when I've got other more human fun things to talk about.

This post made me realize that I paint a lot of people. Looking forward to lots of upcoming things, like a boardgame project (lots of items and landscapey things) - crossing the fingers on them all being a go. 

Really want to paint some goblins and landscapes and landscapes with goblins in them. 

I'll leave you with an adorable puppy. (No, not my puppy. But if I find this dog, I make no promises I won't steal it.)