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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Autumnus, the progression.

Multitasking, she's a cruel mistress!
I was doing lots of other things and getting my schedule back under control, not to mention working on the rest of this initial landscape series, and forgot to update the "progress" shots on the landscape I posted about here.
After giving the initial washes a little time to dry and the paper time to tighten up again, I go in with the inks. I'm going with sepia inks for this project because, well, it just makes sense. Placement of more-foreground trees are most important to work out the little fiddly knobbly bits (yeah, they're the most fun, they really are).

Then there are brushes and paint and all of a sudden I'm here.

I decide the segmented pools in the front that I had initially sketched in just weren't working for me, so I went in and resketched out a fallen, broken clocktree and a farmstead built up nestled up against it. I felt that added the right amount of "civilization" without losing focus on the trees, which are the most important part of the image.

Here's the finished "Clockwood".

I'm a fan of the idea of this farmer harvesting the giant cogs and springs from the guts of the fallen tree to sell to the dirigible-manufacturers and such. (That's not from the writing team, that just came to me as I was working.)

I'm finished the other paintings in the set as well, but have to get the final paintings scanned and the "in progress" photos uploaded. I'll be putting more up as I go over the next week or so.

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