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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Some years, my birthday leaves something to be desired. But not this one.
Wednesday, of course, started off by the Universe's gift of letting me hang out with Neil Gaiman.
Friday, I played fun games with awesome people. Saturday, I played paintball with more awesome people, came home bruised and joyful, and slept the sleep of the Righteous. Sunday brought awesome homemade dinner, family, and the Nerf Longshot.

This morning, I came in to work to be greeted by three tons of baked goods from various coworkers - one of them, whom I've already come to know recently as one of my favorite humans, made an Emerald City of Frickin' OZ cake! I mean... sweet buttery Buddha!
(Backstory: we're both into reading the Oz books, and I loaned him a couple. We have a mutual Oz appreciation.) I have to admit, I got a little teary. It was unexpected and amazing, and those are the best kinds of presents in the world.

Life can be pretty great sometimes.

This was a card for my parents anniversary this week. She likes dogs, and they like birds.

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